It’s December and if you haven’t started planning your work holiday party, you still have time.  There is nothing that prohibits you from having your holiday party after the New Year.  After determining the budget for the event, you will need to determine if the event will be held onsite or at an off-site venue.  Some of the more popular venues off-site to hold the party may already be booked through December.  After deciding where you would like to hold the party the fun begins!

Suggestions for selecting an off-site venue:

  • Think outside of the box when looking for venues.  As previously mentioned, several of the more popular venues to hold a party may already be booked.
  • If you are planning to have outside food at the venue, ask if outside food is permitted.  If not, inquire if there is on-site catering or if there are specific caterers the venue partners with.
  • Inquire if decorations are allowed.  If so, what are the restrictions?

Your holiday party should be a time for fun and relaxation!